1. What version of Visual Studio does UnityVS support?

UnityVS supports Visual Studio 2010, Visual Studio 2012 and Visual Studio 2013. You need to have a fully functional Visual Studio. The minimum SKU UnityVS supports is Visual Studio Professional.

2. Can I use Visual Studio Express with UnityVS?

Because Visual Studio Express does not support plugins, you can not use UnityVS with this version.

3. I want to use UnityVS but I can't afford Visual Studio. What can I do?

Microsoft has different programs you can use to gain access to their developer tools. If you're a student, there's a good chance your school has a MSDNAA account you can leverage. If you're a company, Microsoft have programs such as BizSpark and WebsiteSpark for small companies and startups.

4. What version of Unity does UnityVS support?

UnityVS requires Unity 4 or above on Windows. UnityVS works with both the Free and the Pro version of Unity.

5. What programming language does UnityVS support?

UnityVS supports C# 3, UnityScript and Boo.

6. Can I use UnityVS to debug Unity running on OS X?

UnityVS comes with a preview of this feature.

7. Is UnityVS localized in any language?

UnityVS is currently only available in English.

1. Is UnityVS a commercial product?

Yes it is.

2. What is UnityVS' price?

There are two different kinds of UnityVS licenses.

  • UnityVS Personal, a one-user license for individuals and companies with fewer than 4 employees. A UnityVS Personal license costs $99.
  • UnityVS Pro, a one-seat license for companies. A UnityVS Pro license costs $249.

All UnityVS licenses come with a one-year subscription to product updates.

3. Can I try UnityVS?

You can get a 14 days trial license on http://app.unityvs.com/trial.

4. Is there an education license for students and teachers?

We're working on it.

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